Commission plans


At we offer our partners fantastic commission plans. Flexibility is our X – Factor. We understand that your needs can change and that’s fine with us. That’s why we’ve built an incredibly versatile commission model. You’ll be able to transition with ease from a CPA deal to a combination deal structure. Take a look!

At, we offer tailor-made deals to suit each partner’s unique requirements. Take advantage of highly competitive, customized Forex/CFD CPA deals that meet your needs.


Forex/CFD CPA:

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose the type of CPA deal that works for you:


Fixed payments for each First Time Deposit

Scaled payments based on the First Time Deposit amount

Payment structures that increase with the number of clients

Payments determined by the country from which the traffic originates (see chart below)

  Forex/CFD CPA by country*:   *Exact figures may vary. Ask your affiliate manager about the current CPA offering. For further information on our selection of targeted CPA packages, please contact your dedicated affiliate manager. Parent-Partner Program is a multi-level deal structure allowing you to significantly increase your income by referring new partners.


Offering a 3 tier sub-parent affiliate program, for each sub-partner you refer to, we will pay a CPA.


As our Partner, you are given a unique identifying code embedded in your tracking code. Each new Partner to sign up through you will carry your unique ID and will be credited to you directly. offers an attractive Spread Share commission plan.


Join our affiliate program and benefit by getting a percentage from the total spread generated from the trading activity of clients you have referred.


To learn more about the Spread Share Model get it touch with your personal Affiliate Manager

our advantages

Attractive Commissions

Choose from CPA, Spread Share and other flexible commission models

Innovative Trading Platform

Promote MARKETS.COM, a globally recognized online trading platform.

Timely Payments

Get your commission on time every month

Sophisticated Affiliate System

Build customized campaigns and implement with accurate tracking to achieve great results

Advanced Marketing Tools

Benefit from a vast range of effective marketing tools to generate traffic and boost conversion

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Work closely with your Affiliate Manager to launch the most effective campaigns